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Government warns erring businessmen, will extradite and punish them once they flee from India

20, Feb 2018 By dasu

New Delhi: Government is in no-nonsense mood. In its strongest ever warning to businessmen who run away from India after causing one scam or other, Government has warned them, “After you land on foreign shores, you will be extradited and severe punishment will be given”.

Government has asked airlines, as soon as businessmen flee, they must report the matter within 24 hours. After that FIR would be lodged and steps towards taking serious action against them would automatically start.

Many businessmen who always thought current regime is a business-friendly regime are worried with this warning.

One of the businessmen, Mahesh Agarwal who has few thousand crores of outstanding loan has dropped his plan of going to US to attend his friend’s daughters’ wedding ceremony.

“I have not defaulted even once in paying whatever I am supposed to pay to bank. In current scenario looking at the proactive government mood, cannot take any chance. After all there are two thousand employees and their families are dependent on the company’s reputation. Do not want my company and employees to suffer because of me attending one marriage,” said Mahesh Agarwal while speaking to us.

While chatting with us, Mahesh got few calls from leading banks. On those calls interrupting him repeatedly, Mahesh said, “This is the thirty second call I have got from PSU bank managers since morning, checking with me whether my company will pay the EMI on 5th march, the due date. I am not sure why they are so nervous because Government has never warned any action would be taken against them. Government always finds there are enough tax payers in the country who are ready to recapitalize banks as and when needed.”

In the meantime, two bookies were caught from Mumbai who were taking bets which one will happen first, RBI’s counting of old notes or Mallya’s extradition to India.