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Government website working despite having 10 concurrent users

11, Sep 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: In a development that has shaken the IT ministry, a government run website was functioning smoothly despite having a huge load of 10 concurrent users. All the government websites are designed to crash the moment more than 1 person opens the website so this news has raised a question mark over the government’s ability to run a website. 20160407154516-error-500-server-message

“We are investigating the matter seriously. This is not the kind of user experience we want to give to the people and we sincerely apologize. We have been embarrassed by this incident and hopefully the culprits will be identified when the investigation team submits its report in 2050″, said a senior official working with the IT ministry.

When asked if they shouldn’t be happy with a functional website, the official said ,”If a government website doesn’t crash every two minutes then is it really a government website? If 10 people are simultaneously accessing a website today, tomorrow people will expect 100 concurrent users, day after tomorrow 1000, where will this stop? Our aim is to set low expectations and then deliver even lower.”

Further, he added ,”We are also investigating why so many people were accessing a website that is neither IRCTC, nor tax related. Apart from those 2, why do you need to access a government website? Even we don’t check what is uploaded on all the websites we operate and here as many as 10 citizens got interested at the same time? Something is definitely fishy here and we will find out what it is. A separate team has been constituted to investigate this bizarre behavior and they will submit their report by 2075.”

We tried to access the government website in question but we got an error message saying that the server is down.