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Govt to build special "Fight parking" in the middle of roads to assist people fighting in traffic

27, Feb 2016 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi: In a move that could ensure smooth fights in the middle of a busy road, government has announced special bike parking area in the middle of roads to assist commuters who pick up fights with others while in traffic.

People enjoying their fights after parking their vehicles
People enjoying their fights after parking their vehicles

These parking zones will be there at every 100 Meters where people can park the vehicle and finish the fight they picked up while in traffic. This news has indeed brought smiles on the faces of many who love to swear at other drivers on the road. Now in addition to verbal assault, they can conveniently stop and initiate physical attacks too.

Faking News spoke to a wide variety of commuters to know their reactions. Most of them were very happy with this development. Temper Kumar, a 26-years old merchant said, “Swearing at auto walas with 50 kgs of load on both sides of my scooter is a very difficult job. As soon as I raise my hand towards them to threaten them, my balance goes off and I fall down. With this special parking in the middle of the road, I can first park and then get even with the auto wala.”

“I had once parked my Activa in the middle of the road to argue with a bus-driver who came in my way. I was travelling in the wrong direction when he refused to give me the way and hurt my ego. I stopped there and then and got into a heated argument with the driver and was about to punch him when I saw Police towing my scooter. If there was fight parking area at that time, I wouldn’t have had to collect my vehicle from the police station next day. Der aaye durust aaye!”, said Ahankaar,  a real estate broker.

Ruchi, a 23 year old student from Bangalore said, “I’m glad there will be a special parking area on roads for those who want to fight. This way traffic on the pavement where I generally drive wouldn’t get disturbed.”

Sources say that government has temporarily stopped building the highways for a higher cause i.e., designating fight parking areas on important roads of commute.