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Govt announces 15% discount on bill amount for restaurant seats located near wash basin

19, Jan 2018 By electroman

In a string of announcements hiking taxes and prices of everyday commodities, Petrol etc and on and on and on, The government has finally reduced the price of something. They have reduced the price of restaurant seats near the wash basins. Lot of people were surprised by this move. Someone filed an RTI to find out the reason behind this.

It seems that this move has been taken after a lot of feedback were received from top ministers regarding the discomforts of this seating position. Here’s the catch. As a lot of Indians have this wonderful habit of sprinkling their fingers immediately after washing their hands in the wash basin. They don’t care if Mahatma Gandhi or Mother Teresa is sitting nearby, they just want to sprinkle that excess water immediately off their hands. No, a tissue or a handkerchief will not do, it has to be sprinkled.

After getting sprinkled on many times by people who don’t even have the habit of washing the hands properly or using a handwash, the top ministers have asked the tax maniac to reduce the bill amount for these specific tables. Soon the govt will bring in a scheme to allow hotels to change the price of Paneer Butter Masala everyday as they wish.

Govt is also planning to provide discount on bus tickets for people who sit next to fat people. Also the Govt is planning to give subsidised petrol to Rajput Karni Sena to burn theaters screening Padmaavati