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Govt asks Google and Apple to take down TikTok, unemployment numbers expected to rise in the country 

16, Apr 2019 By @jurnoleast

Social media app TikTok will be taken off Google and Apple stores after concerns over the apps misuse has prompted Govt to take action. The app which enables users to lip sync short videos and share them with friends has reportedly been misused to share pornographic content.

tik tok

As per sources, tech companies were given an ultimatum to take down the app from their app stores and Govt also plans to make the usage of the app illegal in the country.

There were also speculations that the ban could have been prompted owing to the impending elections that are going to be held shortly.

But many fear that the ban will bring in it’s wake large scale unemployment as around 60% of the country’s youth ‘kept themselves occupied’ thanks to TikTok. As per an independent survey millions of jobless use the app on a daily basis to make videos and share it with their friends.

Since inception in 2016, the Chinese app has been tremendously popular among Indian users. Reports even suggest that an average jobless India spends around 6 hours making TikTok videos. Some even saw a career path in TikTok.

“I have made around 300 videos and have a large fan base thanks to TikTok. I have been jobless for the last 10 years, but TikTok helped me get through the day. What will I do now? What other job options exists for a 10th fail, useless, good for nothing, unskilled, loutish person like me. Maybe I will try politics,” said 25 year old Suraj Pratap Yadav from Bihar.

THe decision took a political turn after Rahul Gandhi criticised the Govt’s move and said that it would only add to the already dismal unemployment figures in the country. “Iss desh ke yuvaon ko sarkar ne kya diya? Kuch nahi. Ab Modiji TikTok ban karke aapse aapka rozgaar bhi chheen lena chahte hai. Hamari sarkaar aayi toh har ek vyati ko smartphone with pre-installed TikTok dene ka vaada karta hu,” he said while speaking at a campaign rally.