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Govt to ban flavored condoms, says 'High sugar content could pose health risk'

01, Dec 2016 By @jurnoleast

After 500 and 1000 rupee notes, flavored condoms are next to bite the dust. The latest diktat by the Govt. seeks to ban flavored condoms citing high sugar levels which could be detrimental to health.


Speaking to Faking News a senior official from the Health Ministry said, “We found high sugar levels in some of the leading brands of flavored condoms that are available in the market. As you know India is the diabetes capital of the world. We do not want to aggravate the situation. So we have set a deadline of Dec 31.”

When questioned on the significance of December 31st he said that the Govt wouldn’t like to play spoilsport as many people would have already made plans for New Years eve.

On being questioned if the high sugar levels were arrived at after testing condom samples, the official refused to comment.

The news was met with some apprehension as was seen with the note ban.

But unlike the note ban, there were hardly any crowd outside chemist shop giving out a clear indication that the ban hardly affected the common man.

Opposition parties were muffled in their criticism against this ban. Many were hoping that Rahul Gandhi would be standing outside a chemist shop to express solidarity with condom buyers. But that did not happen.

“Baba doesnt know what a flavored condom is. So please stop asking such stupid questions,” said a party member, clearly miffed when questioned about Rahul Gandhi’s silence over the latest ban.

One senior opposition leader spoke to our reporter off-camera and said that the recent bans by the Govt. were pro-businessmen and aimed to help ‘friends of the BJP’.

“Remember what happened after the Maggi ban? I think this ban is similar to that. I wont be surprised if that Yoga guru turned businessman will launch his own brand in the market,” said an opposition leader.

Meanwhile, spokesperson for Patanjali denied having knowledge of launching any contraceptive product in the market.