Monday, 6th April, 2020


Govt bans sharing of sutta among hostel students in engineering college to prevent spread of coronavirus 

05, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

It is going to be a tough couple of months for hostel students in engineering. As per a circular, The Ministry of HRD has asked all hostel students in engg colleges to refrain from sharing cigarettes while taking a puff. The move is seen as an effort to stop the spread of coronavirus.


“With more cases of people affected with coronavirus are being reported, it is important that we limit interaction between people. As per our study, sharing of sutta among hostel students could potentially be of concern. So we have asked all engineering students to refrain from sharing and instead buy their own packs,” revealed a senior official from the ministry.

The diktat has got engineering students, specifically those who smoke, miffed. “How can they do this to us. First they increase taxes on cigarettes and then they ask us not to share sutta. Do they even have any idea about how difficult it is for us to manage expenses. Besides things like weed are best enjoyed when shared by a group of friends,” remarked a student who didn’t wish to be named.

Some students have threatened to go on a strike if some alternate arrangement is not made to those who have been affected.

It is not yet known if the band extends to MBA colleges as well. There has been no official confirmation on this. A Govt official that our reporter spoke to said, “I don’t think this ban would be needed in MBA institutes. Students in these colleges are well off and they usually prefer having their own pack instead of sharing. Our research tells us that MBA students don’t share sutta. So no separate advisory is required,” he said.