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Govt can start conducting NRC from our campuses as half of India’s population works here, says TCS

26, Dec 2019 By sameer mahawar

After facing several challenges on CAA and NRC front, govt has been offered help by IT giant TCS to begin the NRC exercise from its campuses located at pan-India level.

Recently, the state govts of Kerala and West Bengal have stopped the NPR exercise, which would ultimately lead to NRC, as a dissent against controversial Citizenship Amendment Act.

Firstly, the nation-wide agitation and then the lacklustre support from state Govts have put the ruling party into delusion. Just when required, TCS has offered a helping hand on the grounds of corporate social responsibility.

As per TCS HR Manager, “We have been quite known for our generosity. We are so generous that we haven’t increased the salary of a fresher and have kept at level of ₹3.2 lacs per annum since last 20 years to maintain the parity. As you already know, we do mass recruiting every year from many private colleges buildings situated in far away villages. Every engineering student consider us God when it comes to placement. We have been helping in employment generation and keep the economy moving; so we would also help in maintain the NPR register as well.”

“As per the last census, we had India’s 50% of population working with us. Significant amount of youth has been hijacked by us so we would request govt to not to spend much resources in door-to-door surveys. We are good at cutting costs and want the govt to do the same. Regarding documentation, we already have much of the demographic, biometric, social media and kundli details that any govt agency can’t afford to collect without any surveillance,” said HR Manager and left for gym sipping his creamy coffee.

When asked about the state of economy, he said govt is doing good as GDP growth rate is more than 4% which is way above 2% annual increment we give to our loyal and hard-working employees.