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Govt considers extracting crude oil from food served in hostel canteen, petrol and diesel prices likely to go down

09, Mar 2018 By @jurnoleast

In a move which would could bring releif to the common man, the Govt today announced that it is planning to reduce prices of petrol and diesel by sourcing crude oil from food served in hostel canteen. A report by a random empowered committd submitted a report to Petroleum Ministry last week which pointed at the rising figures of imported crude oil. In its recommendation the report suggested that a large quantity of oil can be extactedc from the food that is served in canteens across the coiuntry insted of importing, which will effectively bring down fuel prices.

Currently India’s oil import rests at 4.4 million barrels per day coming from the Middle East and this can easily be replaced by equal number of barrels coming from canteens, the report noted in its findings. “Special extracting machines will be installed to draw the oil which will be transported to the refineries,” said a senior offical from the Petroleum Ministry.

Sensex reacted sharply to the news and saw an all time high after being battered post budget. Market experts say that the economy could see an upswing just before the elections.

Hostel canteens across all colleges in the country, especially engineering colleges, have already made arrangements for supplying crude oil. Leftover daal and chicken curry loaded with oil were seen being taken in special containers for extraction.

Sources say that the decision was taken keeping in mind the 2019 elections and it didn’t take much time for the ruling BJP to pat its own back. Congress party however was critical of the move and said that the Govt was diverting attention from Nirav Modi scam by targeting hostel canteen.

Woh (Nirav) sarkaar ko tel laga ke chala gaya, uska hisaab kaun dega. Us se paisa extract karo toh shayad petrol-diesel muft me milne lage,” said Rahul Gandhi while speaking to reporters.