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Govt. declares 7th January as the date when everyone should stop wishing each other 'Happy New Year'

05, Jan 2017 By @jurnoleast

In what could come as a relief for many who were clueless as to when they should stop sending across New Year greeting, Govt has come to the rescue and declared 7th January 2017 as the date when all the exchanging of New Year greetings should come to an end.


Speaking to Faking News, a Senior Govt. Official said, “We received an RTI query from a citizen who wanted to know the date when ‘Happy New Year’ message sharing should officially come to an end. Ridiculous RTI queries are not new to us, but this one got us thinking. We realized that we are well past the New Year festivities, but people just can get over wishing each other. So we decided to put an end by announcing a date. From midnight of 7th January, citizens wont be able exchange New Year greetings.”

Prominent citizens welcomed the move, but they were apprehensive that just like demonetization, this particular date could also see changes. Many who were yet to wish their near and dear ones were seen scrambling to send year wishes. “I was vacationing in Goa and didn’t really get time to wish everyone. But with this ‘De-Greetingization’ deadline I am sending bulk messages to everyone. Who knows, this deadline could get preponed too,” said Sanjay Mishra, a businessman from Delhi.

There were others who were questioning Govt’s move of withdrawing New Year greetings. “My son lives in the US and we still haven’t said ‘Happy New Year’ to each other. What if I am not able to keep up with the 7th Jan deadline. Should I go to the RBI?” questioned a senior citizen.

Sources say that the move was not to inconvenience the general public, but is in fact aimed at helping those who didn’t know when to stop.

Our reporters spoke to people across different cities and the general opinion was that the Govt’s decision will benefit the country in the long run. “When this exchange of greetings stops, productivity will increase and it will ultimately benefit the nation,” said an economic expert.

However, opposition parties are not buying into this argument and are already planning to protest outside PM’s residence.

“How is this move going to benefit the nation. Ek deadline khatam hua nahi ke doosra deadline aa gaya. But now this needs to stop. Ab dangal hoga,” screamed an opposition leader.