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Govt employee working on 2nd October facing boycott from peers

02, Oct 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

2nd October, a national holiday has even more importance this year as it falls on a Monday, something which is the best wish a corporate employee can ask for. Government employees don’t have to wait for such weekends as they can enjoy a weekend whenever they want. But Shugato Banerjee is not such an employee. He is dedicated, hard working and focused employee at least we can say that from the fact that he attended office today. Someone attending office on 2nd October should be given an award by the government. But that is not what Shugato’s colleagues think. He has been boycotted by his own community.


Today morning Shugato realized that he has some pending work to finish off and so decided to come to office to finish it. And due to his plans, the peon who had the office keys also reached office. But irritated by Shugato’s plan to spend 2nd october in office he informed all the employees. That is when the colleagues decided among themselves that they need to boycott shugato from their fraternity.

Faking News reporter spoke to one such employee and he had this to say,” Shugato has spoiled the reputation of government employees. We sometimes take leaves even on the weekdays and here is this man who comes to office on 2nd October. This will create false expectations in the minds of people who will irritate us to get their work on time. Government should take strict action against him”

Shugato is still not able to come out of the shock and has promised that he will never visit office during national holidays. He has apologized to his supervisors and has given in writing that he will take leave for the next 7 days to compensate for his mistake.