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Govt. employees asked to take a break from playing cards to check their new salary

03, Jul 2016 By dasu

New Delhi: After cabinet approved the 7th pay commission recommendations, finance ministry officials have one immediate challenge to meet. They need to ensure everyone collects their letter which has details about their new take home salary.

Government employees playing cards
Government employees at work

One of the senior officials, who are supervising this activity, spoke to us on the condition of anonymity and said, “Just look at the challenge we have on our hands. More than one crore employees and pensioners need to collect their letters. It’s not about only collecting letters. Each of them need to understand and then sign on a stamp paper to acknowledge that they received their letters and understand their new salary structure. Then only we can send the file forward and they will get their previous arrears and new salary at the end of the month”.

The official added, “Do you know there are 196 allowances? To just name a few, there are allowances like shoe allowance, toilet soap allowance, haircut allowance, family planning allowance, funeral allowance, hair cutting allowance. Each one needs to check what is applicable for them, the figure against it is correct or not. This is some work for people who hardly work. Unless they acknowledge, how can we proceed?”

“The report we are getting from the ground is that majority of them are busy playing cards or having tea. Playing cards, going to nearby chai & panwala shop, gossiping throughout the day about all the problems world is facing and finding solution for those. They are doing nothing wrong and return to their daily activities but only after signing this letter. My problem is by delaying this activity they are not allowing me or my colleagues to get back our routine job which is very much similar to theirs”, said the official.

“Till we complete this, we will not know the final amount that we need to send to the ministry for approval. After that our work is not over. We, as part of finance ministry, have to think about introducing another innovative cess or tax to collect this amount from tax payers”, said the official.