'Govt is favoring men by opening wine shops, what about us' question women across the country as they demand opening of pani-puri stalls

08, May 2020 By yogy

Women across the country are not a happy lot. After keeping up with the ever increasing demands of their husband whilst managing the household chores, they get discriminated against.


Opening of wines shops last week has not gone down well will several women across the country. Many feel that this has benefited only the men.

Not happy with the situation, women are now pressurizing the Govt to open pani-puri stalls across the country.

Social media was flooded with messages and comments from women who wanted the Govt to take cognizance of their grievances.

“This reeks of patriarchy. While men get to guzzle alcohol and numb their brains, what do women get,” questioned a twitter user.

“Women are feeling cheated. We actively participated on PMs Sunday task and made it a big success. But when it comes getting something in return, men get first preference,” read a comment on Facebook.

A silent rebellion seems to be brewing as many now want the Govt to act swiftly or face protest.

Though Govt could open these stalls in green zones if social distancing was maintained, some were still sceptical.

Well known Economist Bulla Tyson, who was nominated for Nobel Prize last year for his work in the field, spoke to our reporter and said, “These women are out of their minds. Opening of wine shops contributed to the economy. How much can one measly pani-puri contribute. And if their cravings are so intense, why not make the snack yourself. There are so many videos floating around on Youtube.”