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Govt instructs engineering colleges to conduct preparatory course for aspirants who have no interest in football or GoT

10, May 2016 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: Taking cognizance of various issues related to life an engineering student, ministry of HRD has asked all engineering institutes across the country to conduct a preparatory course/counseling session for incoming batch to prepare them for the grueling academic and social life ahead.

A prep course in progress
A prep course in progress

Speaking to Faking News HRD Minister Smriti Irani said, “Earlier we had prep course for students who were weak in Maths and languages to help them catch up with other students. But we have observed that student interaction goes beyond the four walls of the classroom. Many students from the previous batches suffered from depression because they couldn’t contribute to canteen convo that centered on football and GoT. So we are proactively taking steps to ensure that future batches don’t go through this problem.”

A circular was issued to all colleges with clear instructions to equip students with relevant GoT knowledge and a ready reckoner on football.

College authorities reveal that HRD Ministry’s efforts are yielding results already and there is a general sense of well being among students.

Ravi Iyer, a third year engineering student who has absolutely no interest in either football or GoT narrates how life has been difficult for him all these years in the college. “It’s not that I haven’t tried. Just so that I don’t look like a fool, I used to cheer for Manchester United without knowing anything about the team.”

“There was a time when I couldn’t differentiate a back pass from a free kick, but things are better now. Till I caught up with ‘Jon Snow is Dead’, that bastard was alive again. I was social pariah when it came to football and GoT conversations. But with this prep course I feel like I am ahead of the game,” he added candidly.

Our reporter visited one such engineering college to get a first had account of the prep-course. In a class room filled with around 100 students the instructor said ‘repeat after me Winter is Coming’, which was responded to by the entire class in unison.

Sources say that Ministry of HRD is planning to go a step further and localize the content so that having such prep courses won’t be necessary. “We are in talks with the creators of GoT and if everything goes well we might a few sanskari characters on the show.  Maybe Babuji would have a role to play in the battle of Winterfell,” said a source, trying best not to reveal any spoiler.