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Govt likely to introduce rehabilitation centre for chai addicts

16, Jan 2018 By Guest Patrakar

As addiction rate for tea has sky-rocketed in India, well wishers of tea addicts have started looking for rehabilitation centres. UP Government has infact proposed rehabilitation centres at various strategic locations of the state.

Statistics say that UP is the biggest consumer of tea, and currently average per capita tea consumption is as high as 5 cups a day. Even Central government has hired external consultants to explore the need of the rehabs for tea addicts.

Survey conducted by the students of IIT Kanpur reveals that 77% of youth (age 16 to 30) can’t start their day without a cup of tea while remaining 23% need sutta (Cigarette) along with tea. Doctors too have said that 97% of headache and migraine related problems are due to lack of tea in blood. Whereas psychologists believe that tea doesn’t make much difference chemically but psychologically.

Soon after govt appointed a special team to find out the urgency of tea rehab centres, opposition started blaming PM Modi for the bad habit of excessive tea among youth.

Newly elected rather crowned Congress President Rahul Gandhi tweeted “This is what happens when you make a tea seller. PM. Modi ji thinks only about chai, whether it is Chai pe Charcha or Chai pe Kharcha.” Rahul Gandhi also said that if Congress come in Power they will think beyond Chai and will distribute free biscuits too.

Currently, at any local tea stall at any point of time one can see more people than no. of people who attend rallies of Jignesh Mevani or Umar Khalid. Going by this rate India might become first country in the world that has more No. of Tea consumers than its population, making rehabilitation centres a necessity.