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Govt mulls using 3D printer to print onions, hopes to reduce prices by increasing output

05, Dec 2019 By @jurnoleast

Though onion prices have increased in the past as well, this is the first time Govt will be using technology to mitigate the situation. Sources say that other than reducing exports to control prices, Govt plans to increase output by using 3D printer.


While speaking to Faking News, the Finance Minister said, “I don’t eat onions or garlic. I don’t come from that family. In fact I have never even seen an onion. But that does not mean I don’t understand the suffering of common man. So under the leadership of PM Modi, we will be introducing the Print India project. And onion will be the first commodity that we will be printed in 3D. On a personal front this will be special moment as I will get to see an onion for the first time.”

“The shortfall of production will be met by printing them in bulk and then sending them directly to the market. This will also cut out the middlemen,” she added.

Experts say that the 3D printed onions would look, feel and taste just like regular onions. “They will also make you cry like the onions you get in the market,” remarked one expert.

In the next phase, the Govt plans to provide every household with a 3D printer at subsidized rates so people can print whatever they want .

Finance Ministry has also roped in Arnab Goswami to lead the Onion printing project. “From what we know, Arnab has certain has skills with printing. He can definitely be of some assistance as this involves printing on a bigger scale.

Arnab himself looked eager to be part of the Print India project. “We will choose to put 3D onions to Print. It will be in Print. Those who think it is unPrintable are mistaken. It will certainly be in Print one day,” he screamed while speaking to our reporter.