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Govt offers free Starbucks coffee to lure youth to get their phones linked with Aadhar

09, Nov 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Starbucks, a Global Beverage company, offered coffee for just Rs 100 for a day to celebrate the launch of its 100th outlet and completion of five years in India. Long queues were seen outside Starbucks coffee shops and people had to wait for hours for their turn for a cup of coffee.

The long queues once again instigate the debate “If people can stand for coffee why can’t they stand for national anthem or for their country during demonetization.”

There are various viewpoints on this but the government is seeing this as an opportunity. Seeing the youngsters’ love for Starbucks coffee, government is offering free coffee to all who are linking their phone numbers with their Aadhar cards.

This is not the first time when youngsters have queued up willingly. During the H&M Sale, iPhone release and Roadies auditions, many young people were seen waiting in long queues voluntarily.

The government has said that it’s just an initial arrangement and if youngsters still don’t link their phone numbers with Aadhar it might offer them an iPhone X or a wild card entry to Roadies auditions. Social media data says there is clear support to government’s decision of free Starbucks coffee.

Faking News reporter spoke to a youngster, Nikhil Malhotra, who was standing in queue for the ₹100 Starbucks coffee. Nikhil said, “I am not a coffee addict but I came here just for a Facebook check-in. I really want to know why people are so crazy for Starbucks coffee and why it is impossible to drink Starbucks coffee without telling about it on Facebook. I am glad the government has taken such initiatives that allows poor people like me to get a taste of people’s madness.”