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Govt official after being snubbed repeatedly from Rich People’ list shows his ‘net worth’ to the world

08, Oct 2017 By dasu

Hyderabad: Son of a government official after not finding his dad’s name among the richest list of Indians decided to disclose his true net worth to the world.

“How long I will keep quiet. Year and year these news reports published by Forbes or the recent one from Hurun never give credit to the ‘hard work’ he has put year after year to amass this wealth. These guys publish the reports without proper research”, said the government official’s son, Varun while speaking to us.


“I have two cup boards filled with brands like Armani and Gucci. What I am wearing to college? a peter England honest shirt with a five rupees Reynolds pen on top of it. I will go to college in ford ikon and my classmates whose father might be earning less than our driver earns will come in Honda Civic”, said Varun.

Varun added, “Today I went to call one of my close friend, Amit for a party we are throwing this weekend on behalf of my dad who is retiring soon. It is a secret party we have planned outside India, so I was asked to call only my close friends. Amit, without listening to me completely was talking rubbish. Repeatedly he was trying to showcase how they have better car and better house than us”.

“Frustration was building inside me for some time, so I vented out everything I knew about my dad’s wealth. He was literally dumbfounded. You should have seen his face”, said Varun gleefully.  

Varun did not know one of Amt’s uncle who is working for anti-corruption bureau (ACB) was in next room and he overheard the conversation between the two. After getting permission Amit’s uncle did a raid on Varun’s father’s house and found 500 crores of cash.

Varun was apologizing to his father for his ‘stupidity’, his father said, “Do not worry. What you have disclosed is not even 10 percent. Just call, Prakash Salve uncle, our lawyer. He will take care. Do not worry about me. Kal raat ka khanna hum ghar mein saath mein khayenge”.