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Govt to provide every judge a Helicopter to save them the embarrassment of using roads

31, Aug 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: NDA government at the Centre has decided to provide a personal helicopter to every judge in the country, it was announced by Law Minister RS Prasad in Delhi earlier today. This was decided by the government after Madras High Court said that it is embarrassing for judges to wait at toll plazas on highways and a separate lane should be made for judges.

toll plaza

Mr. Prasad, who generally only asks resignations, shocked everyone by saying something different at a Press Conference. Mr. Prasad said, “Constructing a separate lane for judges on every highway is not feasible, dedicating a lane from existing ones is not always possible because there are only 2 lanes at some places. At the same time, we don’t want our colleague Gadkari and entire NHAI staff to end up in prison over contempt of court charges so we had to take this decision.”

Further, he added, “We will provide a helicopter to every judge in the country, from Supreme Court to District Court. No judge will be humiliated on the road now, they won’t have to wait at traffic signals like the useless insects, sorry Indians, who do. Judges are very important, such important people should not be using our terrible roads, let them fly.”

We asked a Madras High Court judge where they are going when they wait at toll plazas as Courts are within city limits with no tolls and he said, ”During 2 month vacation, you expect us to stay within the city? You are again embarrassing us and we will arrest you for contempt of court.”