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After Govt says no car registration without parking space, Bangaloreans to declare silkboard Jn as their parking space

21, Jan 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Government is planning to propose a new rule as per which vehicle registration will be allowed only after the person produces parking space certificate before the authorities.

silk board

We spoke to some people in Bengaluru where number of new vehicles registered out score number of new born babies every day. It seems IT city people are not at all worried about this new rule. They feel most of the signals here in the IT city operate in such a way that big parking lots are created there and authorities will allow them to choose one as per their convenience.

While speaking to us, an auto expert who is based in Bengaluru, said, “On ground you might see, people are waiting at signals. But If you take a little broader view and see from top, you will see as if people arranging their vehicles inside a parking lot.”

The auto expert added, “The best part is, jams are there in every part of city. So people can choose one designated signal which they use most, call the authorities to show them proof how their vehicles remain stationary for so long at one spot and ask for a parking certificate. If authorities ask vehicle needs to be stationary for four to six hours at least, one can choose legendary signals like Silkboard Junction, Kundanahalli gate which meets the criteria easily.”

“Probably in most people’s vehicle registration we will see these two signals as their designated parking spot. Do not discount other signals who are also performing well and giving stiff competition to these legendary signals,” said the auto expert.

“For some time now, whole world recognizes Bengaluru city as a big parking lot. This distinction has come due to the hard work put up by various authorities that run the city. They neither created infrastructure to expand the city nor invested on mass public transport options. City public at large also co-operated nicely, never motivated to use car pool or use public transport that is available. Can confidently say, People who make new vehicle number plates will never go out of business here,” he said with confidence.