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Govt. to introduce 'Berozgaar Engineer Cess' to assist unemployed engineers

04, Jul 2016 By Ransa

New Delhi: Taking cognizance of the issue of unemployment in the country especially among the community of engineering students, Govt. has proposed a 5% ‘Berozgaar Engineer Cess’ to address the issue drawing cheers from thousands of unemployed engineers.

Engineers happy with GOvt.'s decision
Engineers happy with Govt’s decision

A decision regarding this will be taken in the upcoming session of the Parliament.

Speaking to Faking News, a senior official from the Finance Ministry said, “We have so many qualified engineers in our country, many of whom are without a job. Our Govt. is committed to creating jobs. So with that in mind we plan to introduce ‘Berozgar Engineer Cess’ that will ensure job to every engineer. So now they don’t have to depend on Google ads for revenue or make excuses about ‘preparing for competitive exam’ to hide their joblessness.”

Though engineering community has welcomed the tax, there seemed be a whiff of resentment among graduates from other fields.

A mini revolt that seemed to be brewing on social media against the proposed tax, threatened to derail Govt. plan of introducing the tax. Sumit Jain, a Chartered Accountant, who is at the forefront of this revolt said, “These engineers are like those proverbial ‘Dhobi ka kutta’. They realize it’s not their cup of tea after they join engineering, and end up taking a job that has nothing to with what they studied. Even those to manage to get jobs from campus quit within a year to pursue MBA. Tell me, do they really need a tax?” he questioned.

Surprisingly many engineers too thought that the tax was unnecessary and it wouldn’t  solve the ‘real’ problem that engineers are facing. “Engineers are thick skinned. They can survive without jobs or if need, join a call center. So this tax isn’t really addressing the problem. If the Govt. really cares for us then it should introduce a ‘Forever single engineer cess’. Things would automatically fall in place when every engineer is assured of a girlfriend,” said Saji Unnithan, a final year engineering student at REC Kerala.

Meanwhile, opposition parties have questioned Govt. motive at introducing the tax and said that is was a ploy to prevent engineers from entering politics. “One engineer from IIT Delhi, who is now the CM, is giving them sleepless nights. They are scared that if the population of berozgar engineers keeps increasing, there would be many more joining politics. By introducing Berozgar Engineer Cess, the ruling party will ensure that engineers stay out of politics. We won’t let that happen. We will disrupt the Parliamentary proceeding,” said a senior member from Congress party.