Govt to use Neha Kakkar for Onion quality test, if Neha cries while cutting onion then it will be labelled as poor quality

26, Sep 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. Neha Kakkar wears her heart on her sleeve and doesn’t shy away from giving the audience a glimpse of her emotions. Those who have seen her on the judging panel of the previous seasons of ‘Indian Idol’ would know that she tears up very easily and very often. The government wants to use this quality of hers to test the quality of onions. People know that Neha’s tears are fake.


So if she cries after cutting a sample of onion, it means that the Onion is adulterated or of poor quality. Neha is honored by this announcement and feels that she can do great service to the nation by this method. She has always tried hard to do something for the countrymen and now is the chance to live it.

The first batch of Onions have reached the sets of Indian Idol, and Neha will start cutting them during the breaks of the reality show. The quality testing is of utmost importance as with the price of the onions skyrocketing, people are demanding good quality onions. The fake or adulterated onions will then be permanently removed from the distribution system and will not reach the market.