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After Great Wall of China, traffic jams in Bengaluru visible from space

27, Oct 2017 By itsmihir1993

Bengaluru traffic jams are known to put even the longest traffic jams in the world to shame. The issue reached an altogether different level when US-based National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)—working for years just to click pictures of India from the space during Diwali—spotted huge traffic jams in Bengaluru from the space after it sent its satellite over India to click pictures of air pollution during the festival.

After the Great Wall of China, Bengaluru traffic has been officially declared the second phenomenon that is visible from space by NASA. Members of the organisation, after discovering the long traffic jams visible from space, were taken aback. They further urged the world community to declare India as the new superpower since the USA does not have anything that can be distinctly seen from the space.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was all ecstatic on the “development” that an Indian phenomenon is visible from space. Explaining how India is giving China a run for its money since Doklam stand-off, he said, “The Bengaluru traffic jam is our fitting reply to the Great Wall of China.” He further threatened the Chinese that if BJP wins the next Loksabha elections, his party will ban beef in China as well and the Chinese will be left to feed only on snakes.

Surprisingly, the satellite positioned over India recorded dominant noise pollution levels over air pollution. The noise pollution is believed to have been caused by the high decibels emitted from primetime debates on Indian news channels. “If the Great Wall of China is the only place distinctly visible from space, Arnab Goswami is the only person on Earth whose voice can be clearly heard from space,” said a NASA technician.  

Arnab Goswami, who was moderating a debate held to blame Pakistan for the air pollution in India during Diwali on Republic TV, refused to shout on the incident.