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Green tribunal now bans Sizzlers from Delhi menus to further reduce smoke emission

14, Dec 2015 By Hemant Bijapurkar

New Delhi: In another allegedly bold and novel move, the National Green tribunal has decided to ban Sizzlers from all restaurant menus in Delhi to further reduce the smoke emission in the capital.

Sizzlers on Green Tribunal radar
Sizzlers on Green Tribunal radar

The tribunal which has recently decided to ban registration of Diesel vehicles in Delhi has now come up this idea.

We spoke to an officer of the tribunal and the brainchild behind this move, he said, “As I was dining out with my family, I noticed a lot of smoke coming from some corners of the deli. As I investigated I found all of this was coming from the Sizzlers the people had ordered. It blew me away! I then and there calculated how much smoke the all the Sizzlers in Delhi must be generating and it came to a staggering amount.”

“With my mind fresh about the alarming emission figures, I immediately called up my boss and he was very enthusiastic about the decision just after I explained to him what a sizzler was. I would finally get the promotion and 5 foreign study tours that come with it,” he said with a grin.

When our reporter plainly asked if he was crazy, the officer reportedly took offence and said, “Why do you call me crazy? When someone rules that the car I bought after sweating countless hours and working overtime can only be taken out 4 or 3 days a week he gets applauded. When someone gives another impractical ruling that there won’t be any registration of Diesel cars in the capital they agree, now when I come along trying to ban something terribly overrated and not to mention expensive you call me crazy. It’s not fair.”

This move is generating mixed reviews amongst people with one liberal environmentalist saying that the sizzlers which have beef in it should be exempted from the ban to protect the idea of India.