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A group of friends from Mumbai break the Guinness’ World Record after cancelling Goa plan for the 138th time

03, Jun 2017 By Akash Vadera

It was an extra-ordinary day for a group of ordinary friends from Mumbai, when they entered the Guinness’ Book of World Records for cancelling Goa plan for not 10, not 50, but a whopping 138 times.

A group of six friends namely, Ankit Jain, Nikhil Jain, Pratik Jain, Dinesh Jain, Akshay Jain and Mayur Jain, all based in Ghatkopar (Mumbai), have reportedly entered the Guinness’ Book of World Records for cancelling Goa plan for 138 times.

We spoke to Ankit Jain and he said, “All six of us are friends since our engineering college. We bonded over KTs and jain pav bhaji. When Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara had released, we had planned our first trip to Spain. But since all of us are Marwaaris, we changed our plan to Goa. Just 2 days before leaving to Goa, Nikhil and Pratik backed out saying their dads want them to sit in their shop since it was a peak business time. Yes, this was the first time when the plan got cancelled. After then it was either a relative’s wedding or getting ill at the same time that enabled us to cancel Goa plans, which has led us today to achieve this mammoth feat,” he exclaimed. 

Indeed it is a mammoth and appraise worthy feat, but it didn’t come easy to them. There were many obstacles in the way.

“Cancelling a plan is 100 times tougher than executing a plan. Your reasons need to be fake enough for you but genuine enough for your friends,” stated Ankit.

“I remember once when only a day was left before leaving for Goa and no one had come up with excuses to back out. I was falling short of reasons to back out since I had used all of them. I was just hoping someone should come up with something. It was a tough situation,” he said.

“But eventually Nikhil said that he has developed testicular cancer and that he couldn’t come for the trip. Obviously, we had to cancel the plan because we couldn’t leave our friend alone in pain. Frankly speaking, I was sad, at first, for Nikhil, but later I felt relieved that the plan was cancelled yet again,” he sighed.

When asked about whether he is content with this record or does him and his friends plan to break more records, Ankit replied, “No we won’t stop here. This feat has given us the courage and determination needed for things greater than this. This was just a first step. We now plan to go up the level. Since, 3 of us are married now and other 3 will soon be, our next achievement will be cancelling Bangkok plans,” said an optimistic Ankit.