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Group of men in Delhi celebrate Boxing Day by raining punches on each other

26, Dec 2018 By @jurnoleast

The cold weather and the pollution did not dampen the spirit of a group of men who were out to celebrate Boxing Day in the capital.

Celebrated a day after Christmas, the day marks the tradition of exchanging gift boxes in many countries. But here in Delhi, the tradition took a different turn as men indulged in throwing punches at each other.

The men in their early twenties grappled with each other for few hours before they were done celebrating.

Several cases of road rage were reported as youth were looking for pretext to indulge in boxing. A businessman from South Delhi who beat up a rickshaw driver for overtaking his SUV was seen uploading selfies after the act to share with his followers how celebrated the day.

“I had a baseball bat in my car. But I did not use that. Was totally in the spirit of Boxing Day and used my bare hands,” he said while speaking to our reporter.

Elsewhere, a politician beat up workers at toll booth to celebrate the festival. “We are a secular party. We celebrate all festivals. Today is boxing day, so our workers indulged in the celebrations. I wish the people of the country a happy boxing day,” said a member of the party.

Pammy Khurana from Vasant Kunj organized a small get together for her colony friends to soak in the festive spirit. But she wasn’t too excited by the idea of getting punched. “I have spent 5 hours in the beauty parlor getting my make-up right. Can’t ruin it. I know it’s boxing day, lekin hum log thappad se hi kaam chala lenge,” she said while wishing our reporter Happy Boxing Day with a tight slap.