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After GST the next big reform to create jobs is introduction of new 200 rupee notes: Govt

25, Aug 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: With bright yellow new 200 rupee notes coming in to the system from Friday, Government is hopeful this will give another fillip to the overall economy in creating many more new jobs like demonetization and GST have done in the recent past.


“We did not want to stop the reform process. After the big bang reforms of GST we were thinking what other major ones we can take. As you know reforms is a continuous process, we do not want to stop it”, said one senior finance ministry who wanted us to withhold his identity.

While giving us some insight in to the future reform process, the government official said, “After new 200 rupees note the next one will be 50 rupee notes which will be in impressive fluorescent blue color. Please note these two additions are coming on top of two brilliant looking notes in denominations of 2000 and 500”.

When we asked the official how these new notes will help the system, he said, “See, we did not have notes between 100 and 500 rupees. With cost of every item going up, most of the cases we have to pay 200 rupees for small little stuff we buy. Unnecessarily why to waste your and shop keeper’s time looking for change. By saving time it will help everyone to do more work per day which will be ultimately reflected in our overall economy and all these translates to more and more job creation”.

With RBI launching the new 200 rupee notes within 2 days from government’s announcement, the government official is worried they need to think out of box to bring few newer reforms to give more fillips to economy. Our sources pointed out, government has told the bureaucrats if you can’t find more reforms, just let us know, so that we will prepone the general election to 2018.

Government has praised RBI’s ‘quick’ action which is still struggling to count old notes. “Counting old soiled notes is a manual process, printing new notes is automatic which is easy. Our motto is every wallet to contain only new swachh notes”, said one RBI official.