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Guests fight to eat first at marriage reception of an RBI banker, worried that host might say no food for late comers

21, Dec 2016 By dasu

Delhi: During a wedding reception held here last night, a near stampede like situation developed as guests ran for food immediately after they started serving food at the venue. The reason behind this rush was the profession of the groom; he is an employee of the Reserve Bank of India. People were worried that he might introduce a new rule telling people that latecomers will not be served food.

Food counter
“Dhakkan khulte hi… ATTACK!”

“Normally, nobody runs to the food immediately after we open the buffet. People keep looking around awkwardly for someone else to make the first move. Person rushing there first gets the tag of bhukkad but what we saw today was very unusual”, said one uncle of the groom who was in charge on controlling the dining area.

“Hundreds of people started running towards the food counters the moment I said we have started serving food. There was pushing and shoving all over the place, some even started exchanging blows. When I realized things are definitely going out of control, I called few bouncers from a nearby pub”, said the uncle whose face was swollen after catching a punch in the crossfire.

After speaking to a couple of guests, we finally recognized the reason behind the stampede. “The groom, Ritesh, works in RBI Sir. Everyone was worried that like RBI changes demonetization rules every day, Ritesh will change rules regarding food any minute. What if he had told latecomers that they won’t be served food or that they will only get vegetable Biryani or worse, serve them Paneer Macaroni in Schezwan sauce or something. We didn’t want to take that risk so we decided to eat as early as possible”, said Shankar, a guest at the wedding.

Shankar further added, “Though they were telling us that food will be served till 11 PM, why should we believe them? I believed in our PM, FM telling me that I have time till Dec 30th to deposit old notes. See, what RBI has said now. Have to convince two bank officers that my 10k is white money, please credit it to my account.”

Meanwhile, RBI has issued a clarification regarding this rule of depositing amount greater than 5000 Rs in your account. However, we are not publishing that clarification here as there will be a new clarification for the clarification by the time you read it and original clarification will be outdated information.