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Gujarat CM calls press conference to highlight flood relief measures, reaches late to the venue due to submerged roads

04, Aug 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Gujarat chief minister Vijay Rupani on Thursday announced a flood relief package of Rs1,500 crore for flood-hit Banaskantha and Patan districts. The chief minister has been camping in flood-affected areas for the last five days. The CM also called a press meeting to highlight his team’s work and efforts for flood relief, but ironically he wasn’t able to reach the venue on time as his Car got stuck in flood waters and had to be rescued by the relief workers.


Ahmedabad has been completely flooded since the last 5 days, and all roads are submerged in deep waters. The CM though believes that he and his team have done enough to rescue people from this natural disaster. And that is the precise reason that he had called a press meeting in Ahmedabad. But never did he realize that his promotion activity will end up in a disaster. His entourage got stuck in knee deep waters and he was not able to reach the press meeting venue on time. In fact all the journalists reached the spot of incident after waiting for hours at the press meeting venue.

Gujarat CM who was very confident about the work done by his ministry in clearing the roads fast to install normalcy once again in traffic movement, but now he has been shown the mirror by none other than the floods itself. Vijay Rupani has ordered his ministry colleagues to do a thorough tour of flood hit areas and let him know about the areas where he can organize the press meet without any glitches. And after this untoward incident, his major focus has been shifted to clearing water off the main roads for smooth vehicular movement.