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Gujarati boy opts for higher education, the father gets his DNA test done

28, Sep 2018 By Guest Patrakar

In a bizarre incident, a Gujarati father has asked his son to undergo a DNA test only because the son wanted to go for higher education instead of joining the family business. Gujaratis are famous for making money from almost everything that exists and for that matter they do not need any qualification as heredity bestows them with the right skills. Brijesh Patel (51), a resident of Surat, couldn’t believe his son, Rupesh Patel (23) when he expressed his desire for further studies even after completing graduation. “I am shocked! I didn’t want him to even complete his graduation, yet I let him waste four precious years, and now he wants to waste another two years in some MBA nonsense. Today, I am not only ashamed but also doubtful whether he’s really my son,” said the disturbed father.

Rupesh’s friends who have already joined their father’s businesses are now laughing at Brijesh, who they used to admire because of his skill of making money out of nowhere. His friend, Jignesh shared one anecdote, “Rupesh was in the fourth standard when he got a free subscription of a newspaper through the school library and used it to only sell it later in exchange for money. He started making money when he wasn’t even ten. Why does he need a post-graduation degree then?”