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Gurgaon residents smoking Hookah and playing cards on the highway to kill time during traffic jam

29, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Gurgaon: Millennium city of India, Gurgaon (Gurugram) came to a standstill yesterday after it rained for an hour and people were stuck in traffic jams for hrs. While most people spent that time playing Candy Crush on their phones, few innovative ones brought out Hookah and playing cards to enjoy themselves during the traffic jam.

Gurgaon people enjoying a traffic jam last night

The traffic jam stretched for several kilometers and vehicles stayed stuck in the same position for hours giving these people ample time to enjoy a leisurely hookah and several games of seep (A very popular card game in Haryana)

Explaining the situation, a Jharsa village resident Sombir said, “Initially we were really angry. It was a complete gridlock with no space to move our Fortuner. We even checked the footpath but that was totally occupied by motorcycles. We were afraid that we will die of boredom here but then, my cousin Jagdish mentioned that his house is nearby and he can bring a Hookah for us. We immediately asked him to get that along with some tobacco and coal.”

“Once we had that, I took out a pack of cards from my car; we sat on the divider of the road and enjoyed our game of cards with the hookah. Every 1 hour or so we had to move as our Fortuner had to be moved 10 meters forward but other than that, we had a great time. Lovely weather, Hookah, playing cards and hot tea from the roadside vendor, Maza sa aa gaya ji”, Sombir added thanking Gurgaon administration for the traffic jam.

Meanwhile, the massive traffic jam in Gurgaon is continuing for the second day today. Government has even imposed Section 144 in the city prohibiting assembly of more than 4 people. Police is now busy checking cars and arresting people if there are 5 people inside.

Haryana CM has assured the residents that they will be inconvenienced only for a few days. When we asked whether they will improve infrastructure that quickly, CM Khattar replied,”Oh no, Monsoon will be over na.”