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Guy becomes expert on Kashmir after watching a 2012 video from Syria on a website

19, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Jaipur: Ever since 20 yrs old Rajesh saw a video labeled ‘Situation in Kashmir today’ on an alleged news website called Snakemail, he is confident that he has become an expert on Kashmir. Rajesh saw the video yesterday and since then, he has spent every moment he has been awake on social media platforms giving suggestions on how to resolve Kashmir issue.

Rajesh showed us this image from Damascus to show how things are in Kashmir

The video in question was later found to be from Syria and was 4 years old but Rajesh is confident that this doesn’t impact his expertise at all and he can still resolve the Kashmir situation.

“I usually avoid news websites since we get all the real news from memes shared on WhatsApp but when this link landed on one of my WhatsApp groups, I just couldn’t help click it. I am so thankful that I did. The entire Kashmir situation became crystal clear to me once I saw the video. The solution to Kashmir situation was also written right below the video. I can’t believe no Indian politician or soldier has never seen it, we could have resolved Kashmir years ago”, Rajesh said confidently.

When we brought up the fact that the video in question is a 4 yrs old video from Syria, Rajesh replied,”See, this is the reason nobody has been able to resolve Kashmir. You guys are focusing too much on details and missing the big picture. You are missing the woods for the trees. We must focus on the problems shown in the video and their solutions. How does it matter that the video isn’t actually from Kashmir?”

Rajesh has already forwarded the video to all his friends and relatives so that they can have the same level of expertise as him on Kashmir. He has also shared the video with every politician on Twitter to help them understand the Kashmir situation better.

When we asked Rajesh whether he has read or seen anything at all on Kashmir except that video, he told us that he did see Kashmir Ki Kali film but that didn’t raise the problems faced by Kashmiris and he doesn’t recommend it.