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Guy enters Mumbai local wearing unironed shirt; finds perfectly ironed shirt when he gets down

07, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: 28 years old Borivali resident, Amit Gupta was pleasantly surprised today morning when he found that his shirt is perfectly ironed when he got down at his destination in Lower Parel. Amit had left home in haste and wore an unironed shirt but the local journey ensured his shirt was perfectly ironed by the time he reached office.

Mumbai local
People rushing to avail free ironing facility

“I was getting late for work and I had only one clean shirt left in my wardrobe. The problem was that it had wrinkles all over it. Now I had to take a judgment call, whether to reach office in time or spend time ironing the shirt. I decided that punctuality is a greater quality than dressing well so I went with an unironed shirt”, Amit said explaining his dilemma early morning.

“So I went with the unironed shirt and took the local train from Borivali to my office in Lower Parel. The local had one foot standing room only as usual, there were people pressing me from all directions. I can tell you that despite all the ads, deodorants are not very popular in India right now. Anyway, all that pressing really worked wonders for me as I discovered after getting down that I am wearing a wrinkle-free perfectly ironed shirt”, Amit added.

Amit is very pleased with the outcome and wanted to thank all his fellow travelers through Faking News for their service. “At the end of the day, Insaan hi insaan ke kaam aata hai”, Amit said.

Local trains were a great way to save money earlier as they provide very cheap option to travel but now it seems; they can be used to save electricity spent on ironing clothes too.

Meanwhile, Amit has decided to sell his iron and ironing board on OLX as he plans to travel in local with unironed shirt and trouser every day.