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Guy files RTI to know why trains were running on time despite heavy rains

17, Jul 2017 By Akash Vadera

The disruption in the schedule of local trains during monsoon is known to all. However, this monsoon, almost all the trains are running on time. While this may be a praiseworthy thing to many, but to Mumbai-based Ashok Tripathi, it turned out to be a nightmare; because of which he has filed an RTI with the Govt. to find out the exact reason why trains were running on time despite heavy rains.


Our reporter interviewed him in the local train from Andheri to Churchgate and here’s what he had to say about the RTI “Whenever there are heavy rains, what do you expect? You expect that the trains will be late, right? You make your plans accordingly. You schedule your life events accordingly. But one day you see all the trains running on time. Not even one train getting delayed! This is betrayal!” Our reporter asked why he was outraging over something that needs to be praised, to which he replied “I have been traveling in Mumbai locals since my childhood. Traveling in locals has become a habit so much that when my wife opens the home door, I run towards the sofa and sit on it and place my bag on the adjacent couch. Even the motormen know me by name since I have stopped trains by pulling chains 35 times.” He further added “Every year the trains get delayed by 35-40 minutes whenever there is heavy rain. I make my plans accordingly. I make my work excuses accordingly. I create reasons to give my wife for coming home late accordingly.” He winks and whispers that he goes for drinks with his friends and that’s why he goes home late. Our reporter made it clear that he doesn’t care and to tell why he filed the RTI, to which he replied “So this year also, I was expecting the trains to be late by at least 30 minutes. So I left from home 30 minutes late.” The reported interrupted him by saying that he could have left on time and caught the train that was available, to which he replied “Seems like you don’t know anything about daily train commuters. We may change our wife, but we don’t EVER change our train.”

He further added “So, I reached station 30 minutes late and to my surprise, all the trains were on time. Each one of them! I had missed my daily train by 30 minutes and I had to go by another train!” he weeps. “It was a nightmare for me, actually a day mare. I reached my office late and even there all my colleagues were on time. Even my boss who stays two stations further from me reached before me. I couldn’t think of any reason to give for coming late since ‘Trains were late’ was out of the options. I had to work extra to compensate for the delay, which actually made me reach home late, thereby making me miss my evening drink with friends. This has happened 3 times with me this monsoon. I want to know the exact reason behind this sorcery so I have filed an RTI. This is unacceptable!” as he gets off at Churchgate station.