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Guy fired on 1st of April still thinking it is an April Fool's joke

02, Apr 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: 26 yrs old Amit Kumar, working as an IT Engineer in a Mumbai based firm, has been fired with immediate effect from his job. However, since the email informing him was sent out on the 1st of April, Amit is not too upset about it and plans to go to office as usual on Monday.

April fools day
Sometimes, its not a prank!

When Faking News contacted Amit, he seemed in a very good mood. He said ,”Oh I have not been terminated, it is just an April Fool’s joke. I immediately replied to the mail with ‘Haha, good one boss’, he hasn’t replied to that one yet though. They had mentioned in the mail that I should not come to the office again but of course I will be there on Monday. I will praise my boss’s sense of humor in person then, should help me in upcoming appraisals.”

“One thing I didn’t understand though, they even gave me a full and final settlement. I got the message from the bank informing me that the amount has been credited in my account. I didn’t think that our accounts department has a sense of humor but apparently they are also a part of this elaborate April Fool’s joke. I will praise my boss for his managerial skills that made even the boring accounts people join the April fool’s fun”, Amit added.

When we informed Amit’s boss Rajan that Amit doesn’t think he has been fired, Rajan said ,”Yaar what will it take to get the message through to him. On Friday I told him that I am firing him but he kept giving me a silly smile. I processed all his pending dues and gave him the full and final settlement. Saturday morning I sent him the termination letter, now should I ask Modi ji to announce his termination on Mann Ki Baat?”

Meanwhile, Amit is planning his own belated April Fool prank and is spending all the money he received as the final settlement to plan his mega prank. “It is office money, I am going to use it to execute a great prank in office”, a deluded Amit said.