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Guy who did Mech Engg still looking for his life partner whereas his other branch mates have started looking for son-in-law

15, Oct 2016 By dasu

Parents and relatives of Subir Sen are worried when they will find the right life partner for him. “It’s not that we are not trying. If you go to any house in the town we live in, you will find a photo of Subir there. Can safely say, we have sent marriage proposals for every girl whom we came across in last twenty years,” said Subir’s brother Tarakant while speaking to us.


Tarakant added, “Subir was a bright student from his school days. He stood among top fifty rank holders in engineering entrance exam. During his time, mechanical engineering in REC Rourkela was the most sought after branch, so without any hesitation we opted for it.”

“Looking back, probably the grave mistake we did was on the counselling day by choosing mechanical branch, which had no girls in his batch. He was eligible for other branches like electronics or electricals which had equal number of boys and girls. At least he could have got some scope for interaction with girls, who knows he might have found his life partner there only,” said Tarakant

“Now for so many years we are still renewing our yearly subscription on all marriage portals and sending new proposals every day. Day by day we are getting more nervous as his hair density is at all-time low, tummy size is at all-time high,” said Tarakant.

Tarakant added, “Other day we got a marriage invitation card from Subir’s batch mate Ayushman, who left for US immediately after completing BE in electronics and recently he returned to India. Before opening the card, we were happy to know at least some of his friends like Ayushman are still unmarried. However, it came as a rude shock as the invitation was for his daughter’s marriage. From the card Subir identified the better half of Ayushman who was also his batch mate. We also realized by mistake Subir’s proposals might go for some of his friend’s daughters. To avoid further embarrassment, we have put a strict filter on marriage portals, the age difference can’t be higher than seven years.”

“Now whenever any of our relative comes to me or Subir and ask, can their son opt for mechanical?  We just highlight the risk they are taking for their son’s future marriage and then leave the decision to them,” said Tarakant