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Guy opens training program on how to swiftly ask chemist for a condom when people are around

03, Mar 2018 By Akash Vadera

Even though we live in a modern society, there are a few things that we all are still uncomfortable in sharing with others. Take for example, asking for a condom in a chemist shop.

Almost all males feel uncomfortable in doing so either due to the fear of someone familiar hearing it and telling it at their home or just because of the awkwardness with strangers. However, what Delhi-based Sushant Verma has done, will give all men a reason to celebrate. Sushant has opened a training program in Delhi that will help men to swiftly ask for a condom even when many people are around.

Speaking about this unique program, Sushant said, “You don’t know how hard it is for a man in India to ask for a condom in a chemist shop. It is even harder if you’re a mechanical engineer like me. You get a girlfriend after a million years of trying and if that’s not enough you have to face the indirect wrath of people in a chemist shop when you ask for a condom. Last time when I went to a chemist shop to ask for a condom, the 3 people on my right started behaving like they don’t even know the concept of safe sex and like no one they know has ever had sex.”

“I think these people think that their parents are still virgin too. And to my left, was my distant Fufa Ji (uncle). When he heard me asking for a condom, he asked me Kya? Kya lene aaye ho? (What have you come to purchase here?) And then I had to shout to the chemist guy who was inside to bring 2 Aamsutras as it was hot outside and my uncle would have one too. It was one lucky save but I realised that not every time this could work. So I researched and opened this training program called Bindaas Puch,” Sushant explained.

He further added “So in this program you will be taught various techniques of communication, public speaking, confidence, overcoming introversion, etc,” 

“We also have an arrangement in which you would have to go to the chemist and just speak the code word for condom that would be decided mutually by us and the chemist shop owners. There are few existing code words like Raincoat, Chhatri, Thaili, etc. but many people are aware of these so we will come up with new ones. We are trying to partner with more and more chemist shop owners for our program. The program is of 2 weeks. Trust me, after you complete it, you’ll be able to ask for a condom with the same confidence with which you ask for a vicks or a crocin and that too with dozens of people around,” he concluded.

Sushant is surely doing a noble work by helping the male fraternity overcome one of the most important yet unsaid problems. If you’re a man facing the same problem, you know whom to contact!