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Guy saves Rs. 1 on a product on Big Billion sale; planning to invest in stocks and buy a home out of it

30, Sep 2017 By Akash Vadera

Last week Flipkart had organized a Big Billion sale like it does every year. But this year’s Big Billion sale turned out to be special for Mumbai-based Sameer Tripathi. He had ordered a phone from the Big Billion sale and he saved not Rs. 1000, not Rs, 5000, not Rs. 10,000 but Rs. 1 on it. Yes a magnanimous Rs. 1!

We interviewed Mr. Sameer and here’s what he had to say, “What do I say. It is indeed a very special moment for me. I have to agree that I was very lucky. I wanted to purchase a Redmi Note 4 64GB. I had heard about these discounts on Big Billion sale from the neighborhood aunties. Earlier, they used to discuss vegetable vendor discounts, but now they discuss e-commerce discounts.”

“Mr. Modi’s Digital India is slowly becoming a reality. Anyway, so I checked out Flipkart. I usually buy from Amazon and I am its loyal customer. So, even typing Flipkart on my browser felt like I am betraying Amazon. First I cleared my browser history as it had recent Amazon purchases and then only I proceeded to Flipkart. It lessened the guilt a little. I searched for Redmi Note 4 64GB. And then I found this one offer. It was the best offer that I had ever got in my life. The original price of the phone was Rs. 12,999. But after the discount, the price had reduced to a meager Rs. 12,998. They were offering a discount of Rs. 1,” he added.

“When I saw ‘You save Rs. 1’ written there, I was awestruck. This was the best deal I was ever going to get. So I ordered the phone then and there fearing that the offer would get obsolete,” he said cheekily.

When asked what he is going to do with this saving, he replied “This saving has enabled me to do things that my financial restrictions prevented me from doing. First of all, I am going to invest in stocks. I don’t know a thing about stocks but I’ll invest because it makes you sound knowledgeable and cool. Secondly, I had a dream since my childhood to purchase a sea-facing apartment in Mumbai. After this saving, I called my real estate broker and told him to find me one such apartment. He will get back to me in a few days. It’s like a dream come true for me. Thank you Flipkart!”

We congratulate Mr. Sameer Tripathi and we wish him all the best for next year’s Big Billion sale. Hopefully, he will save Rs. 2 next time and purchase 51% stake in a big company.