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Guy skips Google interview to see JCB digging ground nearby

30, May 2019 By Guest Patrakar

The number of JCB fans seems to be increasing steadily day by day. People are leaving all important chores just to watch JCBs digging and plying on the grounds.


A fresh example of this was seen when an engineer from Mumbai skipped his interview with Google just to watch a JCB digging a local cricket ground near Bandra.

Arun Chaubey, a 30 year old engineer talked to us on his experience of watching the JCB and why he left his interview with Google for that.

Arun said, “I had been waiting for this interview for quite some time and had been preparing for this for the last few months. I had eliminated all the obstacles, like social media and alcohol etc, just to prepare for this. But as soon as I was about to board a local from Bandra Station, I saw some people gathering around a cricket stadium nearby. When I looked closely I found out that it was none other than the JCB at work. I quickly left everything and went there to watch JCB digging that ground. It was a momentous occasion for me. Though I lost that job but my enjoyment knew no bounds while the JCB was at work.”

A similar case had happened in Gurgaon too last month when a local leader was scheduled to deliver a speech but couldn’t gather any crowd. Then his PA came up with the idea of JCB. As soon as the JCB arrived, many people stopped what they were doing and started watching it work. Taking advantage of this situation, the leader delivered his speech and was well received by his audience.

Looking at the love Arun showed for JCB, the company behind JCB have asked him to join them at a handsome package of 11 lacs per annum.