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Guy undergoes 3 month intense training to match his eating speed with the speed of Gol Gappe maker

19, Nov 2017 By Akash Vadera

Everyone who is a foodie or loves to eat street food has eaten Gol Gappe at least once in their life. Gol Gappe, Pani Puri, Phuchka, Gup Chup, etc. are the names by which this famous delicacy is known in different states of India. However, no one would have thought that eating Gol Gappe could go to such an extent that a person would join a training program to master the art. Gurgaon based Sanjeev Kumar underwent a 3 month intense training program so that he can match his eating speed with the speed of Gol Gappe maker.

We interviewed Sanjeev at a Gol Gappe stall and here’s what he had to say “People think eating Gol Gappe is a simple as eating aloo bhujiya. It’s not. Gol Gappe is not something that you just take out from a packet and put directly in your mouth” as he eats the first Gol Gappa. “It is an art and it requires dedication. This Gol Gappe wala is a living example right in front of you. You are now seeing me eat Gol Gappes at a speed matching to his making speed. But this was not the case 3 months ago. Ask him. Earlier, by the time I used to finish one Gol Gappa, there were 3 more already on my plate. I started increasing my speed by directly swallowing the Gol Gappes, but it was still a no match. I felt pressured when he used to make Gol Gappes. Trust me, I haven’t felt this much pressure during my whole engineering and even my MBA. I decided I need to do something about my eating speed since he ignored me countless times when I told him ‘Bhaiyya, zara aaram se banao’ (Slow down a bit while making Gol Gappes). So one day when I finished Bhel Puri at another stall, I noticed an ad written on the paper I was eating the Bhel Puri in. It was about a program that provided training to people who wanted to increase their Gol Gappe eating speed. It was exactly what I wanted and the Universe sent it to me.” gallery_479_31_352469

Speaking about the training program he said “We were given intense training for 3 months” as he eats his 4th Gol Gappa. “We had classes for 8 hours a day. All we ate was Gol Gappes. Sweet, sour, salty, spicy – we tasted all kinds of Gol Gappes. We did jaw exercises, we did hand-to-mouth co-ordination exercises. There were also aptitude sessions, which taught us how to calculate the speed at which the Gol Gappes are being made and the speed required on our side to match up to that. Finally, after 3 months we were given a graduation certificate, in which everyone of us later ate Bhel Puris”

This was when he finished his last Gol Gappa. He looked in the eye of the Gol Gappa maker as he gulped down the last Gol Gappa, challenging him to make Gol Gappes as fast as he can, now that he was a Gol Gappa Graduate.