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Guy watches entire IPL match without calling it fixed, Delhi Police may investigate the issue

18, May 2017 By Guest Patrakar

New Delhi: So far every match in IPL 2017 has been quite interesting and it has been tough to predict the end result. Hence, many people, in almost every match are claiming that all the matches are fixed. 

However, a guy named Rahul, who works for a Delhi based startup, saw an entire match without calling it fixed. This created doubt in the mind of his friend Ashutosh, who began to wonder if Rahul was involved in fixing himself. To put rest to his doubts, he informed Delhi Police about the incident.

Cricket was once a game of uncertainty. Now it’s either uncertain or fixed. When it’s 20-20 overs game, it becomes more uncertain and vulnerable to fixing, since one no-ball can change the direction of the game. If it’s a nail biting match people call it fake and when it’s not thay don’t consider it worth watching. 

Before the start of IPL 2017, Delhi Police ran a campaign on social media to make IPL clean. The campaign asked people to be aware of what’s happening around and if you one found something fishy, he or she should inform the police immediately.

Ashutosh and Rahul were watching KKR vs SRH match together in their room when Ashutosh noticed that Rahul didn’t call match fixed throughout the game.

Ashutosh waited for post-match ceremony and was shocked when his friend Rahul remained silent even then. Ashutosh informed Delhi police about the same. Delhi police has assured Ashutosh that his friend Rahul will be interrogated by them. 

Faking News reporter spoke to top Delhi Police officers and this is what they had to say. 

DCP Mahavir Baisla said, “It’s shocking to know that someone doesn’t think that IPL matches are fixed. Rahul’s behavior is quite similar to match fixers. Rahul tries to look calm all the time and shows no excitement even when Dhoni hits a six. Rahul keeps checking his phone every now and then.”

ACP Bajwa said, “These days match fixers are smart, since almost everyone considers IPL matches fixed, even fixers call it fixed to look as they belong to the same crowd. We have been trying to catch match fixers since the inauguration function of the IPL and when someone think it’s not fixed it makes us look stupid. It’s like chasing someone that doesn’t even exist. Under circumstantial evidence Rahul looks guilty and he’ll be interrogated.”

Whether Rahul will be found guilty is yet to be seen, but this incident has once again raised question on the authenticity of one of the biggest reality shows of India, the Indian Premier League.