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Guys bhaizoned on Rakshabandhan will get a share of girl’s family property: Supreme Court

16, Aug 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Supreme Court of India has ruled that all the guys who get bhaizoned on the day of Rakshabandhan will get a share of the girl’s family property. This ruling was given in response to a PIL filed against the practice of bhaizoning during the festival of Rakshabandhan.


The PIL was filed by Kundan Bhaiyya from Faridabad who has been bhaizoned so many times that he has started using Bhaiyya as his last name.  After the verdict, Kundan celebrated his victory outside the court premises with his supporters, students from all the colleges across Delhi.

Rakshabandhan falls on 18th of this month and as per reports, thousands of young men may get taken away into bhaizone after their colleagues, classmates etc tie a Rakhi on their wrist.

“This practice of bhaizoning was running the hopes and aspirations of so many of our comrades every year. We had to try and put a stop to it. Now we thought about asking for a ban on Rakshabandhan itself but boys aren’t like bulls that a festival gets banned for them so we had to think out of the box. That is when we got this idea of asking for a share in the family property of the girl if we are really their brother”, Kundan told Faking News.

“Now they will think 10 times before tying Rakhi to random people during this festival and introducing them to bhaizone. They will have to take permission from their parents as well and you know Indian parents, they will refuse whatever the girl is asking for. Soon, the bhaizone will be a relic of the past and future generations will recognize me as the greatest reformed of 21st century India”, Kundan added.

Many relationship experts believe that this decision may reduce the population inside bhaizone but friendzone may get really, really crowded after this.