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Gym replaces all trainers with photographers after realizing people are more interested in taking good pics

26, Feb 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

A gym in Mumbai has finally realized the true potential of the fitness business. ‘FatToFit’ gym which has been operating in Mumbai since last 5 years has removed all trainers and instead hired photographers after realizing that people were more interested in taking good pics inside the gym. It has also increased the membership charges as the photographers it offers are professional and will use good quality cameras.


Shwetank Srivastava, the owner of the gym was seeing footfalls declining year-on-year basis and had been trying to crack the right formula to attract more customers. Finally, he collected data from Facebook and other social networking sites about peoples obsession with a good gym pic. He had also seen many of his own customers coming to the gym and working out for mere 5 minutes, clicking a good pic and then running towards the exit door. Soon he did a survey and found 90 % customers want good photography service inside the gyms so that they don’t have to rely too much on their camera phones.

Soon a hiring spree was conducted and good photographers were hired. In fact, the photographers will be paid 30% more than the trainers. Different photography packages will be offered. The schedule will be customized for the customers and everybody part will be given importance on a day to day basis, e.g Monday will be dedicated to Bicep pics, Tuesday for the Shoulder pics and so on.

As soon as the news spread in Mumbai, customers from various gyms started pouring inside ‘FatToFit’ and Shwetank has a tough time managing the queues. He has in fact hired some extra staff for registering the customers as he hopes the number of customers will increase like anything.