Habituated of commuting in cab, employee says ‘bhaiya trip end kar dena’ to his boss who dropped him home, faces demotion

26, Mar 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

It is nine in the night. The office is empty and yet calling it a day is not an option because I quite simply do not want to leave this piece of work unfinished. Getting back home, which is 22 km away, isn’t a concern anymore. Going back home later means less traffic. This is what most employees feel nowadays. Getting home, therefore, isn’t a challenge anymore. As a consumer today, the options are limitless. But an employee named Shugato Banerjee soon realized the Cons of booking an online taxi too frequently.


Shugato has been using the famous taxi service name ‘Haila’ since last 2 years and feels at comfort inside the ‘Haila’ cab. Though all the drivers are very ethical as conveyed by the cab company, he never forgets to say ‘Bhaiya Trip end kar dena’ as a matter of safety. He never fails to say it. As soon as the cab reaches the desired destination, these words come out automatically from Shugato’s mouth. But these words backfired on Friday night. Shugato was returning to his home with his boss after his office party at a pub. His boss came to drop him in his own car and Shugato didn’t take a cab after almost eternity.

The ride was smooth, they talked about various things; project, appraisal, career, growth and much more. But soon came the much dreaded moment. As soon as the car stopped near Shugato’s home, he uttered those magical words ‘Bhaiya Trip End Kar Dena’. He didn’t realize his mistake until the next day when he was given a mysterious look from his boss in a meeting, and soon he realized that his appraisal process has been stopped and in fact he has been demoted. After a lot of begging and convincing he was able to tackle the demotion part at least, but the appraisal part for this year indeed went for a toss.