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Habituated with people making way for him, Bihar politician’s son found carrying rocket launcher while navigating Bengaluru traffic

09, May 2016 By @jurnoleast

Bengaluru: Bihar politician’s son, Honey Yadav who was on a 2 day visit to Bangalore, was detained by authorities after he was found in possession of a rocket launcher.

Honey Yadav's modified car for navigating Bengaluru traffic
Honey Yadav’s modified car for navigating Bengaluru traffic

Speaking to Faking News a senior official from the Bengaluru Police department said, “We got a message from one of our traffic constable at Silk Board that a person named Honey Yadav was driving with a rocket launcher that was mounted on a monster truck. Initially we thought it was some kind of promotion for a movie, but we later realized that the situation was serious after Mr. Yadav threatened to launch rocket on the entire traffic if it didn’t make way for him.”

Our reporter spoke to Honey to get his version of the story. “I am well aware of the traffic situation in Bengaluru. Back home I usually get people to move out if my way when I am driving. I carry a revolver just in case someone refuses to let me pass. I thought revolver wouldn’t suffice for the Bengaluru traffic. That is why I got a monster truck and this rocket launcher,” as pointed toward the launcher on his monster truck, without being apologetic about the entire incident.

Kaccha Yadav, Honey’s father and a senior politician in Bihar tried his best to hush up the matter. Bachon se galti ho jati hai. I remember when he used to play NFS he used to shoot at the computer screen if there were cars in his way. But at least he has not killed anyone in Bengaluru, then why are you media people blowing it out of proportion?” he questioned, secretly hoping that the incident wouldn’t be the focus of prime time debate.