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Hafeez Saeed denies supporting JNU protest, says the University is too extreme for him

15, Feb 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

Islamabad: Refuting Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s claims, , Hafeez Saeed has said that he never supported the JNU protests as he felt that the university was too extreme for him. This comes after Rajnath Singh claimed that the protests in JNU was supported by Hafeez Saeed.

Hafiz Saeed asking why he will support JNU
Hafiz Saeed asking why he will support JNUHafiz Saeed

Speaking to Faking News from his not so secret location in Pakistan, Hafiz Saeed said, “Well initially I was pleased after I got an invitation from JNU as I knew it was a breeding ground of individuals with a similar ideology as that of mine. Also Indian government wholeheartedly supports them with cheap subsidized lodgings and stipends, just like Pakistani Army and ISI supports me and my supporters. But when I receive favors from the Pakistanis, I go all out on their agenda and indulge in anti India rhetoric and actions of the highest order but the people in JNU even after getting funding from the Indian Government don’t support Indian Government at all.”

“Either the Indian government isn’t bothered or these people are daredevils and dissent makers of the highest order. One truly needs to have nerves of steel to go against the people who support or provide one’s livelihood. According to my well placed sources, these JNU people aren’t paid a cent by us Pakistanis for carrying out this agenda, they are just doing a selfless disservice to the nation. These concepts are alien to me and probably to all humans in a civilized society”, Hafiz Saeed said in amazement.

“Imagine me clamoring for Independence for Baluchistan and rights of minorities, none of my traces would be found in Pakistan the next day. These people of JNU are some unique exotic species and I don’t want to associate with them, why would I even dream of supporting them”, Hafiz Saeed added before walking away.

Meanwhile in JNU, they have decided to stage a protest march against Hafiz Saeed for these Anti-JNU statements.