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Hair Salon sealed by Government after barber didn't recommend a facial after a shave

17, May 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Ambala: A hair salon situated in Sadar Bazar, Ambala Cantt was sealed by the authorities earlier today when it was found out that the barber was not offering a facial to the customers after a shave. Modern hair dresser has been locked down and the proprietor has been issued a show cause notice to explain why they should not close it down permanently.

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Mandatory facial after a shave

Recommending facial massage whenever a customer comes for a shave is a long standing tradition and its violation has not been taken kindly by the municipal authorities of Ambala.

“We received reports from several sources that Sonu working at Modern hair dresser is not recommending any facial, massage or even black head removal after a shave so we decided to investigate the matter. One of our employees went there for a shave and sure enough, Sonu just completed the shave and asked for payment. Who does that? Has he no ethics at all?” wondered a senior officer working in Ambala municipality.

“We were immediately informed by our colleague that the reports are true. After that, we went there with our team and immediately sealed the place. We have issued a show cause notice to the owner of the business asking him to explain the actions of his employee. Once we get his explanation along with a commitment not to repeat it in future, we will reopen the shop”, the officer added.

Meanwhile, Sonu is undergoing counseling where the veterans of his business are telling him that his conduct is not acceptable and he must reform himself if he wants to grow in this business. “If not a facial, at least recommend a head massage”, said a veteran hair dresser Shankar.

When we tried to contact Sonu for his reaction to this development, he refused to comment unless we get a facial from him.