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Half of Bengaluru EVMs would be kept at Ooty and Kodaikanal as people rush to spend May 12th voting day there

12, May 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Keeping the tradition alive, many Bangaloreans are heading to nearby hill stations to spend May 12th that is the voting day weekend with their near and dear ones.

The hotels and resorts in these two popular hill stations were full even before Times Now news anchor completed the sentence speculating on the election date on March 27th.

“Usually we run out of printer toner in couple of days while printing toll gate receipts every couple of days. Today this is the fifth toner I am replacing”, said a toll gate employee commenting on the heavy rush at the toll gates.

Anuj Chauhan, a Banglorean is upset voting is happening on a holiday like Saturday instead of a working day like Friday or Monday said, “Thank God, I booked the rooms in Kodai Resort just on time. HR team mein kaam karta hoon iss liye kar paya. Nahin toh pura weekend ink laga ke mall mein ghumna pada hota”.

When we said to Anuj, he can stay back and relax at home, voting is not compulsory here. He said, “Yaar peer pressure bhi koi cheez hai. When you go to office, there would be someone who would have voted because he did not go anywhere, yaar tu bengalore mein tha aur vote nahin kiya. If you tell you had some work, so you went out of station, it looks OK”.

Election commission has decided to put up enough EVMs to help Bangaloreans who don’t vote but come back to complain on every problem on earth.

“We have put up EVMs at each hotel and resort. Still, those who will not vote, we would send them a thanks message saying due to your contribution counting got over early, we got some rest”, said an EC official.

Let our esteemed readers comment what else EC can do those who do not want to vote.