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Halwai puts customer's face in kadhai after he kept demanding 'bilkul garam samose'

21, Jun 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Chandigarh: A frustrated halwai in a sector 40 sweets shop shoved a customer’s face in kadhai earlier today when the customer kept asking for “Bilkul garam samose”. Other people present at the shop somehow managed to stop the customer’s face from touching the boiling oil.

Bilkul garam samose

The customer, Ravi Kumar, has decided not to file any charges but has promised that he will never be buying samosas from this shop ever again. The Halwai, Raju, has meanwhile promised that next time he will make this guy eat samosa directly from the kadhai.

Samosa is a very popular snack in India and its consumption hits sky high during rainy season. Hot and spicy samosa is one of the most in-demand snack during this time with everyone insisting on garma-garam samose.

“I had just made 50 samosas when this guy came in and said he wants 2 samosas. I started packing them for him but he said that these are old, make me hot ones. I told him I have just taken them out of the kadhai but he didn’t listen. So, I prepared a fresh batch in front of him. A customer came to buy 1 Kg of Barfi at that very moment, I gave him the Barfi, returned and this guy said that now these samosas have also gone cold so make again, bilkul garam samose”, Raju said recounting the details of the incident.

“There was no way I was going to make any more samosas for this idiot. I had enough of him by then so I just put 2 samosas in the kadhai and tried to make him eat them while they were still in the kadhai. I was just trying to serve him what he wanted, really hot samosas. Unfortunately, other clients present there stopped me and he got away. Well, I was just trying to serve the customer what he wanted”, Raju added.

Meanwhile in other samosa related news, a customer was thrown in a tub of chutney by a halwai after he kept asking for “a little more chutney, a little more, a little more.”