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Happily married frog couple to be divorced for Commonwealth Games

28, Aug 2010 By Fake Reader

New Delhi. After realizing that heavy rains had hampered preparations and construction works for the Commonwealth Games, Delhi government has decided to schedule a divorce of a Mendhak and a Mendhaki (a heterosexual frog couple) who were apparently happily married till now. Traditionally, frog marriages are supposed to bring rains, and hence the government is hopeful that a frog divorce would take away the heavy showers.

“Delhi got these heavy rains because people around the country have been busy marrying these random frogs for good rains, showing scant respect for the national pride known as the Commonwealth Games. Since we can’t punish people for marrying off frogs, we have decided to get the frogs divorced to neutralize the effect.” Shiela Dixit, Chief Minister of Delhi said, hoping that Indra, the Hindu god of rain, may get the signal and stop sending rains to NCR.

Frog Couple
The frog couple were married not too long ago, and could now be forced to divorce each other

Sources suggest that earlier the Government had also mulled over the option of purposefully offending and upsetting Indra though acts such as getting Anu Malik sing “dekho baarish ho rahi hai, it’s raining, it’s raining” in a temple or painting Sharad Pawar as Indra, but chose to stay away from such measures lest BJP accused Congress of being anti-Hindu and link it to the ongoing controversy over the term ‘saffron terror’. The ritual of divorce was deemed to be safe and non-controversial.

However, things might not be that smooth. The first person to object to this divorce has not been Maneka Gandhi or someone from PETA, but Rajya Sabha MP Mani Shankar Aiyar, who argued that happiness of frogs was more important than timely and successful organization of the games. Some common people too have expressed unhappiness over this development.

“What next?” asked Ranjeet Singh, a pervert, “fully clothed women plowing fields? I love our traditions and we should stick to them.”

But the CWG Organizing Committee has rejected such criticisms as Sonia Gandhi had yet not spoken against the frog divorce.

“We should unite and do whatever is in our hands to make these games a success.” Suresh Kalmadi, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee, expressed his views in a press conference between the questions on corruption and financial irregularities in the committee.

When contacted, the couple (Mendhak and Mendhaki) said a number of things to this reporter, which included sounds of turr… turr… and parading a big long row of their children; perhaps trying to convey that divorce may prove hazardous for their family. But they might have to go through the procedures because many leading lawyers of the country have already started preparing the papers and determining the divorce alimony Mendhaki is eligible for.

“The divorce of Tiger Woods could act as the reference point.” said Ram Jhoothmalani, a key barrister voluntarily heading this divorce case.